Attention Mid-South Pullers:

As you may know, some of the teams have sponsors that have come on board, and other teams are in search of sponsors through the assistance of WRPM.  You may be wondering, “why not our team”?  It's simple - it can be your pulling team!  

Since the first pull in Shelbyville, and during each pull that we attended during the drivers' meeting, WRPM has offered their assistance to help obtain corporate sponsorship for pulling teams.  Some of the first to come on board include Full Pull Motorsports, Teasley Motorsports, Riverside Motorsports, Audra Stratton and Deerelirious, McConnell Motorsports, and Mike Wilhite with Blue Blazes to name a few.  All of these teams have taken advantage of our services by (1) having a professional marketing deck built for them to use, and (2) for WRPM to use this marketing deck in search of sponsors for their pulling teams.  

Is there a fee?  Yes, to build a marketing deck there is a fee involved, and for any sponsors that WRPM obtains for a pulling team, WRPM receives a commission.  

Is there a consulting fee?  No.  We are here to help grow the Mid-South and their pullers to the next level.  What we do ask from any sponsor that may be looking to come on board with your team, is that they also team up with a program with the Mid-South.  Thus, WRPM is doing the same so that it is a win-win for everyone.  

As we all know, the price of fuel and the cost to attend these events has increased, and sponsors and marketing partners are the key to covering the cost of travel and accommodations, increasing the purses for each pull, and increasing the points fund.  

It's been a very enjoyable but fast learning curve for all of us, and we thank everyone for your hospitality.  2009 is looking to be a very, very exciting and positive year.

To contact WRPM, you can call or email us.

Jeff Witherell